Women's Studies


Women’s Studies explores the ways gender impacts people’s lives as it intersects with other systems of power such as race, class, and sexuality. The minor draws on interdisciplinary scholarship to promote equity and social justice while deepening students’ critical thinking and analytical skills. Students take courses taught by award-winning faculty in the Center for Gender, Sexualities, and Women’s Studies Research, and may take approved courses offered in departments across the university as electives. There are also opportunities to engage in experiential learning through internships and mentored research. The minor is open to students from across the university, including those outside the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

About this Program

Center Information

The Center for Gender, Sexualities, and Women’s Research advances research, teaching, and leadership on how multiple systems of power intertwine to shape culture, society, and people’s lived experiences. Students explore how gender, class, race, sexuality, and other systems of power shape important domains such as health, work, culture, media, politics, leadership, and organizations. Students also learn how to put this knowledge into practice to transform these systems


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  • No more than three credits of independent study or internship may apply to the minor.
  • All courses must be completed with minimum grades of C except internships, which are taken S/U.
  • Six transfer credits can apply toward the minor.
  • Students must complete a minimum of six credits of coursework exclusive to the minor that cannot count toward the major(s) or other minors.

Each semester, classes approved for this minor will be listed on the Women’s Studies courses webpage.
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Required Courses

WST 3015Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Women's Studies3
Women’s Studies-approved electives (3000 level or above) 115
Total Credits18

3 credits of WST 2611 or WST 2612 or approved Quest courses may be substituted for one 3 credit 3000-level approved elective.